Examining Recent Winnipeg Roofing Trends: Evaluating Their Effectiveness



Many would think that the roofing industry is stagnant, as what you’ll ultimately need to protect your house is just a roof. But is it actually the case? Of course, it’s not.


The industry itself is continuously growing. New innovations are made to give better solutions against elements, while also giving the house a nice visual touch.


That’s why, it’s not surprising to find many kinds of roofing styles. You will gain a better understanding of them once you start working with the best Winnipeg Roofing company.

Winnipeg Roofing trends

A professional company would always give you recommendations about what’s the most suitable roofing style for your needs, according to your budget, of course. Using their recommendations, your house will be more protected thanks to the improved roofing that has better durability.


Now, as we’re talking about the roofing trend, what’s the latest one in Winnipeg? Could they offer better protection compared to conventional roofing?


In this article, we will answer these questions along with a few explanations about what kind of roofing may be suitable for you. Let us first check out the ins and outs.

The Latest Roofing Trends in Winnipeg


Before you contact the Winnipeg roofing company, it’s better if you gain an initial understanding about what’s the latest roofing innovation. In 2023, the roofing industry experienced a few changes that made roofing have better values. From unique designs to eco-friendly roofing, we can find it all.


What matters here is which of them is the most suitable for your roofing needs. So let us go to the first Winnipeg roofing trend below.


1. Luxury Asphalt Shingles


Some of you who have previously installed or repaired roofs are probably familiar with asphalt shingles. This type of roofing material is one of the most common ones that are used by so many people, and it’s for a good reason. It’s solid, you may expect it to last for years.


What’s great about asphalt shingles is that they are more durable and stylish now. With luxury asphalt shingles, you may expect better visuals and protection compared to the ones produced years ago.


The development has made the shingles more durable thanks to the premium materials used in the manufacture. Also, the look isn’t something you could easily neglect. The premium luxury shingles may give you protection, as well as the look, a value that’s hard to achieve with conventional shingles. So for those who are aiming for a more aesthetically pleasing look, this type of roofing could be the solid option.


No need to worry about durability, similar to conventional shingles, these luxury shingles are also built to last. You may expect them to give protection for years since the installment, especially when the installation by a Winnipeg Roofing Company is proper.


And talking about the visuals, the latest roofing innovations change your ability to customize the shingles. Using the asphalt shingles’ natural ability to mimic the other roofing materials, you may now change not only colors but also textures and styles. No matter what style your housing has, you can always make the roof match it thanks to this customizability.


Asphalt shingles are now beyond protection roof alone, you may also use them to elevate the visuals of your comfy home. You may even think of it as your personal art.

2. Improved Metal Roofing


When contacting the Winnipeg Roofing company, many people would love to talk about metal roofing. Yes, this highly durable material is also a common one for roofing. It’s strong, more sustainable, and also looks great, even by default.


In 2023, metal roofs have been improved in all those aspects, making it an even better choice for those who love having an esthetically pleasing house. Some examples of metal roofing that are currently trending are metal shingles and tiles.


We understand that one of the main reasons why some people tend to avoid metal roofing is the hefty price. A metal roofing could easily ask you to pay at least $10,000. However, there’s always an alternative to every problem.


If you wish to get the same amount of protection at a cheaper price, you may consider installing stone-coated steel roofing. The process of manufacturing this roofing is by covering the already-strong steel tile roofs with stone granules, which makes them even more durable.


With the help of a reputable Winnipeg roofing company, you can make your house more effectively protected. The installation process could be cheaper than the other metal materials but with a more decent protection.


In the opening paragraph, we’ve mentioned that a lot of clients love to discuss metal roofing when they are about to work with the Winnipeg roofing company. There are several reasons why many people love this roofing material, such as:

They look better


When talking about the roofing project with the Winnipeg roofing company, clients will discuss what their requirements are. Sometimes, there are a few who would want to put the visual first, and durability second. And it’s understandable, as the roof will be a part of your house’s face. If it doesn’t look good, the impression it would give to your guests will be worse as well.


If you’re also in need of a roofing that has a higher visual value, metal roofing can always be a solid option. Even by default, this roofing material still looks great and modern. The glossy color may nicely reflect the sunlight, creating this stunning visual that you might not find on other houses.


The color options are also varied. The steel materials are generally easy to customize and color. Whether you want glossy or non-reflective colors, there are always options for that. All you have to do is tell the Winnipeg roofing company about your visual preferences, and they will handle the rest.

3. Highly durable materials


A professional Winnipeg roofing company will always do proper roofing installation to make it last for a long time. But, another thing that matters here is the choice of material. Metal roofing is suitable for those who want more durable roofing.


By default, metal roofing may last for 50 years or more. This number is way greater when you compare it to traditional roofing, which usually lasts for half the amount. Not only against the rain, the metal material is perfect to provide additional protection against hail, snow, or even storms. For those who need extra protection against these elements, metal roofing is just for you.


You may also depend on metal roofing if you live in areas with a risk of spreading wildfires. Thanks to its durability, metal roofing can be the greatest factor in guarding your home and all the stuff within. So ask the Winnipeg Roofing Company if you want to install this roofing type.

Cooler in Summer


The rising temperature during Summer surely does not feel pleasing. The improper roofing material may not give adequate heat absorption. As a result, the inner side of the house will be hotter, causing discomfort and distress.


To avoid this terrible scenario, you’ll need a suitable roofing material that can keep your house cool, especially during Summer. And the material we’re talking about here is metal. With the proper installation by a professional Winnipeg roofing company, the metal roofing may effectively absorb and reflect the heat away.

4. Synthetic Slate Shingles


Many people love to install slate shingles. They look great, are durable, and also relatively easy to install. However, clients often think twice when they’re about to install the asphalt shingles, especially due to their pricing. You’ll need to spend more in order to get the better protection.


Therefore, a solution was made in the form of synthetic slate shingles. The first time you look when the Winnipeg Roofing Company shows them, you probably can’t differentiate between the original asphalt and synthetic singles. They are that good at mimicking the visual appearance of the conventional shingles. What’s more, they usually cost less.


By paying less amount, you can get yourself a nice set of synthetic slate shingles that look good and also durable. The composite materials used in the making are also flexible and lightweight, so the manufacturers may easily shape them in whatever texture or color they want.


These synthetic shingles may be a great choice for clients who want to make their house look nicer by using something that’s both solid and environmentally friendly. Plus, you may ask the Winnipeg roofing company to install them at a cheaper price.

5. Solar Panels


With the rapidly decreasing non-renewable energy supply, we are forced to look for energy alternatives. One that’s most common, and easier to install is solar panels. Most people tend to have solar panels on their roofs. They are often installed on the side of the roof that’s getting more sunlight exposure.


Some successfully installed the panels themselves, while others used help from a Winnipeg roofing company. If the roofing company doesn’t offer the service, you may always contact the solar panel installation providers, which are also more common now.


As for the look, some roofing companies are able to make the panels more seamless. They may integrate them well with the roofing, so they won’t look too awkward to look at.


Using solar panels means that you will have an additional source of energy. The use of green energy is an essential saver for the surrounding environment, and it may help a lot during particular conditions. It has become more essential if you’re running a home business where energy is truly necessary.


If you often experience power failure in your area, it’s not a bad idea to at least try having a few solar panels installed by a Winnipeg Roofing Company on your roof. Although the result itself may not be instant, the cost and effort you put in will be worth it in the end.

6. Synthetic Woods


Synthetic composite materials are now used to manufacture a lot of synthetic roofs, including the woods. Wood is one of the most lovable roofing materials as it can make the house look more comfortable to live in. Aside from the physical appearance, the wood itself is really solid and pretty much durable against elements, especially rain.


Although it couldn’t prove a good heat absorption during hot times, at least you may have roofing that looks exactly like wood, with way less maintenance. Therefore, if you really want to use wood roofing that doesn’t require the same treatment, synthetic wood shingles are for you. No need to worry, the professional Winnipeg roofing company will handle the job for you.

7. Roof Inspection with a Drone


Before doing anything else, the very first thing a Winnipeg roofing company would do is a roof inspection. Conventionally, some workers will use a ladder to access your roof and see what the potential damages are. Doing this inspection may provide them with a better understanding of the problems, and the possible solutions.


As mentioned above, it will usually be done manually. But now, there’s a Winnipeg roofing company that also uses drones to see every inch of your roof better. Using drones for this task is actually effective as they can get a better scope of the roofing itself by making a full capture. It’s also way easier as well for the workers as they only need to control the drone from below.


Roof inspection with a drone may also provide the working team with more time as it is something you may consider time efficient. Setting up the drone would take only minutes, and the whole process can be done in less than 1 hour if there are no technical problems whatsoever.


The drones are also equipped with high-resolution cameras. So when they control the drones, they can actually see what the problems are. These cameras may also capture the potential problems that can be used later to show to the clients. From there, the Winnipeg roofing company may advise whether to repair or fix the problems.


8. Roof Color Choices


When we’re talking about the Winnipeg roofing trends, we couldn’t neglect the colors. There are some colors currently trending, such as:



When installing new roofing with a preferred choice of color, you may always contact the Winnipeg Roofing Company to get the job done.



Just like any other thing, roofing trends are also dynamic and always moving. Keeping up with the latest trends may give you not only a better look but also more durable roofing to offer greater protection for your whole family.


When installing the suitable roofing, you’ll need to contact the best Winnipeg roofing company. Our experienced and skillful team at Kenava Roofing will help you in installing a new siding that will suit your needs the best.

We’ll offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge.

Install the latest roofing trends by contacting us at (431) 887-5574 or info@kenavaroofing.com, we’ll be available 24/7 to answer your needs.


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