How to Decode Roofing Estimates in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Roofing Companies Estimates, Costs and Quotes

After the Winnipeg Roofing Companies are done inspecting your roofing, you’ll be given what we call estimates. The estimate is one document you should really know about as it contains the information you need about the repair, services, and the cost for it.


When you’ve done several inspections, you will receive more estimates as well. Comparing these estimates may give you a better understanding of which one of them is actually capable of offering more value.


The thing is, not all roofing companies would let their clients take a better look at the estimate first. Some would require the clients to sign the estimate on the spot, which can be frustrating at times. It’s a red flag you need to be aware of.


The not trustworthy companies would use this strategy as a means to trick the clients into overlooking the important parts of the estimate itself. The clients are basically forced to sign something that they don’t know about, which could be detrimental.


To avoid the same thing from happening, we’ll walk you through learning about the estimates, including how to compare them and what you should ask the contractor.

Breaking Down the Components of a Roofing Estimate

The Basics


First, let us learn about the basics of estimates given by Winnipeg roofing companies. When it comes to roof repair, everything should be explained thoroughly to the client. You, as the one who will hire them, have a right to get an explanation about the repair project a roofing contractor is about to do.


Therefore, they will give this estimate as a medium of information to tell you about the repair details, including the fee. Whether it’s your first time hiring a roofing company or not, you’ll receive the estimate.


The thing is, comparing the estimate is not the very first step you should take. Before getting the estimate, you’ll need to choose the Winnipeg roofing companies you would consider trustworthy and professional.

There’s no better way than looking at the reviews from the previous clients. By checking their opinions, you could measure whether the company is worth your time and money or not. After selecting a few options, you can finally get the estimates.


The estimate is basically a written summary of the roof repair or replacement project, which will be provided by none other than the contractor. Usually, it is given after the inspection is done.


Are these estimates free? It depends on the company itself. Some companies do offer free estimates for upcoming projects, while others would apply some kind of fee. But no matter the price, by receiving the estimates, you may compare the scope of work, the material they will use, and the potential cost of the work.

Knowing The Components


As there are so many parts you might find confusing in these estimates, it would be better if we divide the information into several sections. There are the main components of a roofing estimate, such as:


  1. Labor cost – This is the part that contains the cost related to the fee for professional workers for the repair or replacement project. The labor costs may vary depending on the roof’s complexity, the skill level of the workers, and the time to complete it
  2. Material cost – Whether you hire the Winnipeg Roofing Companies for repair or replacement, there will always be material costs. This type of cost may also vary depending on the quality of roof material the contractor would use. The better the quality, the higher the price.
  3. Profit margin – The Winnipeg roofing companies may strive from the profit they gain during their operation. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find the profit margin part, which will explain how much the amount of cost is needed for the contractor according to some factors, including the overhead costs and additional expenses.

Why Do Estimates Always Vary?


Normally, the estimates will vary, depending on the complexity of the project and the roofing company itself. They may apply fees differently for so many things, and we as clients can always do a little comparison to find which one of them may give the best price per value option.


If you do notice that one company applies a higher estimate than the others, you can always do your research about what’s the underlying factor. It may be because the company is proven to be professional and has been in the industry for a longer time. Or, there could also be a possibility of a scam.


It’s normal to have Winnipeg roofing companies that apply different estimate costs and for a good reason. We can see the difference in the cost as every company may have different costs for labor, materials, and overhead.


One company may have more skillful workers compared to others, and therefore they would apply higher repair or replacement costs. Some would also use better material quality, which will definitely affect the cost of the estimate.


On the other hand, we often see the cheaper cost in newer companies. The reason for this is that the new Winnipeg roofing companies mainly don’t have that much overhead costs. As they are still growing, there’s also a risk of project failure.


We don’t say that old companies are generally better. However, it would be best to deal with an experienced company that will guarantee quality both in the work and the material. Seeing how they are still standing years after their establishment is also proof that they are dependable. It’s good to be back on the company that can accompany you in the roof repair for years to come.

What to Compare in Roof Estimates with Winnipeg Roofing Companies


After doing all the inspections, you will eventually receive different estimates from the Winnipeg roofing companies you’re about to work with. As it may be overwhelming for the first time, it would be better if you first understand what are the things you need to compare before signing the project contract.


Below are the four things you need to pay a lot of attention to:

1. Make sure the line-by-line items are included


When checking the estimate, you may notice that there are some line-by-line items, which are basically the things that are needed for the repair or replacement project. These items are the costs tied to the job from start to finish, including materials for the roofing, labor costs, and dump fees.


Anything that can be impactful to your roof should normally be included within this section. That’s why, before you sign anything, make sure to check these items thoroughly. Check all the necessary items are included.


The reason for doing so is to avoid any scam attempts by less trustworthy roofing companies. Oftentimes, the victims wouldn’t realize that some important items are not included. The result is that the company will charge them more during or at the end of the project, and mention that it’s an “additional cost” that’s not included in the items.


Normally, the prices in the estimate are different for the Winnipeg roofing companies. With that in mind, you can do a comparison to find which one of them is most suited to your needs and condition the most.


It’s really okay for you to choose the most affordable one, just make sure the important fees or items are included in the line-by-line items. With the cut on the cost, you’ll also need to be prepared as there could be a few things you need to compromise.


If you notice one of a few items is missing from the list, you can directly ask the Winnipeg roofing companies about it.

2. Roof Materials


All clients demand better roof materials when the replacement or repair takes place. Therefore, informing yourself about the kinds of roofing materials may help a lot in understanding what are the things that need to be replaced.


There are some important roofing materials or parts that a roofing company would replace, such as:



If you notice one or some of them are missing from the list, you may as well reconsider hiring that specific roofing company. Losing one of the mandatory roofing materials means that you could never gain complete durability and integrity. The roof won’t function properly.


About the brands, it doesn’t matter if the roofing company decides to mix them. However, it would be better if all those materials come from the same manufacturer as you can get the full warranty and the complete roof system.


However, you don’t need to force the contractor to use the materials from the same brands. Using mixed brands is actually their strategy to deal with the competition by cutting some costs. What you need here is to make them clarify this issue and be more open to you.


If the company somehow doesn’t want to show the list of roofing materials as we’ve mentioned above, it’s better to look for the other Winnipeg roofing companies.



3. How they handle roof decking


Similar to all the important materials we’ve mentioned above, roof decking is also essential. It’s basically the base of the whole roofing system. However, one thing that differentiates it from the rest of the items is the need for a replacement.


While all the other materials do need replacement when the repair is necessary, sometimes it doesn’t work the same way with roof decking. The roofing company could decide whether to replace it or not depending on its condition. If they notice the roof decking is rotting, they will replace it, whether as a whole or per sheet.


The professional and reputable Winnipeg roofing companies will give you detailed information about the roof decking replacement. Whether they include it as a line item or add the costs later in the invoice, doesn’t matter.


What’s important here is that they will tell you if the replacement is necessary and not hide any information regarding it. Again, you may ask the contractor first about it to fully understand how they will handle the roof decking.

4. Workmanship warranty


Aside from the materials warranties, another important one that you need to know is the workmanship warranty. It’s a type of warranty given to the work done by the contractor. So in case you notice something is wrong, you can call them back to get it repaired immediately without an additional fee.


Now, the Winnipeg roofing companies may have different workmanship warranties, at least in terms of duration. Some would cover around 10 years, while the others may give you 25 years or probably a lifetime. That’s what a good roofing company would do for you.


On the other hand, questionable contractors are the ones who would never disclose this information in the estimate. So before signing the contract, ask several questions regarding their professionalism first, including the warranty.

What to Ask The Contractor


Now that you’ve understood a few good points about roof estimates, it’s time to get your own from the Winnipeg roofing companies. After telling them about your roofing problem, they will usually give two options, repair or replacement.


If the contractor recommends one of them, you can always ask for more clarity. It’s always better to know about their plan upfront so that you may have a better understanding of the project itself.


While you’re communicating with the contractor, you may also ask them for two different estimates for repair and replacement work. From there you can compare the two and see which one of them that may be the best for your condition.


Getting estimates from the Winnipeg roofing companies can make you make a more informed decision as you can compare the costs and all the details contained within. As the roof is a mandatory aspect of your house, it only makes sense that you want a better plan for it.



Before signing the contract, it would be better if you read the estimate first to know all the things related to the roofing repair. Having an initial understanding will help you to know better about what’s the proper approach for the roof and how the contractor will handle it.


If you’re looking for a professional Winnipeg roofing company that’s able to give an estimate for free, Kenava Roofing is here to help you out. Our experienced and skillful team will help to inspect the roofing problems you have, no matter how small or big it is.


We’ll also offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge.

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