Hiring Winnipeg Roofing Companies: What to Know If Having a Winnipeg Roof Emergency


Winnipeg Roof Emergency

Roofing, as many would probably say, is one of the most important parts of a building. With proper roofing, your family can always be protected from the dangerous elements that may put you at risk. Therefore, regular checking and maintenance are always mandatory to keep it in condition. If your having a Winnipeg Roof Emergency, we got you.


Sometimes, people would do the task themselves, and it’s actually easy, as long as you have the proper tools and knowledge. However, there are times when calling Winnipeg roofing companies is necessary. And most of the time, the call is made in a state of emergency.


Like all things in life, your roofing may suffer from unpredictable things. Whether it’s just slowly degrading integrity or external damage due to natural disasters, your roofing is always at risk of receiving potential damage.


Before it’s too late, learning about what to do in an emergency situation may help you understand the condition better and take the proper steps to deal with the repairs. In this article, we’ll share a few things you need to know about common emergency roofing problems, what you need to do in this situation, and the benefits of calling Winnipeg roofing companies as a solution.

Do Winnipeg Roofing Companies Offer Emergency Services?


Winnipeg roofing companies may sometimes mention the emergency roofing repairs on their website or application. And, of course, the companies that do have it are more valuable as the clients may always depend on them in desperate times.


The services they offer are usually not only about repair but also about replacement. So in case you are suffering from terrible roofing damage that happens suddenly, they will come to help you at any possible time.


You can depend on their 24/7 services to deal with the roofing problems, and the Winnipeg roofing companies will gladly help you out. Now, before you actually call them, make sure that the company you’re about to call actually has this feature mentioned on their page.


The reason is not all Winnipeg roofing companies will provide repair or replacement service 24/7. Some of them do have their off days, which is the time when you can’t contact them. While some companies are offering 24/7 services, others heavily focus more on scheduled projects.


Knowing about this thing will be beneficial later on as you will have someone to help you during this desperate time. Roofing problems, especially the big ones, should be fixed immediately. So the sooner you get help, the better.


As it’s really important to know about the Winnipeg roofing companies better, we recommend taking your time to do some research in comparing some companies before choosing the one you can truly trust. Ask about their availability, active hours, and what service they can offer in an emergency.


Winnipeg Roof Repair

The Common Emergency Roofing Problems


Your roofing is the first line of defense against elements, so it’s not surprising that its durability is deteriorating over time. However, there are some possible damages that require you to call the Winnipeg roofing companies, such as:



When the water leaks, your family may notice it immediately as it’ll leave a pool of water. Most of the time, the homeowners finally realize their roof is leaking when it’s already getting worse. Leaking is one of many common roofing problems that are caused by multiple reasons, including cracks in the roof, heavy rain, storms, hail, animal attacks, and many others.


People would usually realize their roof is leaking when they hear a water-dropping sound. When they approach the source, they can see the pool of water and the wet roof surface. And as you probably know, the water is coming through the roof and seeping down to the joints and under the shingles. The water will fall down to the attic first, and then run down into the room below it.


Although leaking is a common roofing problem, it can easily turn into an emergency when the dropping water is too heavy as if the whole water is coming down your roof. In this situation, the best you can do is to call the Winnipeg roofing companies as soon as possible.

Pest Problems


Sometimes, you may expect some local “inhabitants” to come to your house, causing loud noises during the night and possibly roof damage. Mice, squirrels, and other small rodents are usually the main issue for so many house owners.


The first reason why these small creatures may live inside your roof is because of the easy access they have. A dirty house would attract mice or even rats. They could smell the dirtiness from far away.


This condition may get worse, especially if you have a tree located nearby. Squirrels and other small pests may hop on your roof easily and leave some scratches there.


To deal with this problematic issue, you can always depend on the Winnipeg roofing companies. Besides fixing the small damages left by the pests, you may also ask them to cover all the tiny holes and close any possible access to your roof and attic.


That way, they will no longer have the ability to enter your home anymore as the entryway is basically closed tightly. They will eventually move away after some days.

Storm Damage in a Winnipeg Roof Emergency


If you live in an area where the storm, tornadoes, and hurricanes are common, having the roof shingles blown off is not a surprising problem. Harsh weather conditions like these will always cause some damage to your roof, whether directly or indirectly.


Of course, having the shingles blown off, although only in some parts, is definitely an emergency. Therefore, you need to do the proper checking to see whether there’s a leak or not.


That’s why we highly recommend calling Winnipeg roofing companies after a hurricane or storm passes through. Their dedicated team could at least do the full checking of the roof condition and fix the existing problems immediately.


And the reason the roof may break is not only about the wind, but the things it carries as well, including tree branches, some house parts, or other things that may hit your roofing. Rather than waiting until the problems worsen, it would be better if you treat the problems immediately.


Your roof may also get hit by a falling tree, and you know the damage won’t be negligible. The cases of trees falling on house roofs are common, and it happens everywhere, especially when you live in a stormy area. When a problem like this happens, you can call the Winnipeg roofing companies immediately to treat the problem and prevent further house damage from happening.

Understanding The Importance of Quick Response


Is it important to have some Winnipeg roofing companies that are able to give quick responses? Absolutely! In fact, it’s one of the green flags that you should notice when you’re about to hire a roofing contractor.


Having someone you can always depend on in a moment of desperation is surely more reassuring. Unpredictable roofing problems may happen randomly, especially when you least expect them to happen. So instead of being stressed about it, let the Winnipeg roofing companies handle the problem for you.


Fixing the problems immediately is highly recommended for two main reasons: to prevent further damage and to prevent you from spending more. Even the leaking problem may lead to something even more serious if not treated properly. The cracks and holes may widen in size, causing the big part of the roof to crumble.


As the problem gets bigger and bigger the longer you delay the repair, you’ll eventually need to spend more. So instead of waiting days to fix the roofing problems, call the Winnipeg roofing companies, and have them checked and repaired.

What Are The Necessary Steps in a Winnipeg Roof Emergency


When in trouble, especially the big ones, there are some things that you can do to properly fix them, such as:

Record the damage


The very first thing you could do before calling one of the Winnipeg roofing companies is to record the problem. You can take a picture or video of the whole thing, and send them to the contractor. That way, they will have an initial understanding of what the problem actually is and prepare the necessary tools and alternatives to fix it.


Although they will surely check it first before making a decision, sending either a picture or video to the contractor can be beneficial. In making the record, be sure to include the date and time as well.


Why do you need to do it? It’s for the insurance claims. When things go behind your way, or you notice something is off, at least you already have proof of what kind of damage you’re currently having.

Checking the insurance company


Remember what we told you in the section above, now is your time to use the pictures and videos to make an insurance claim. Most homeowners can claim the insurance as long as they can prove it, and there’s nothing better than taking a video of it.


But to avoid further confusion and misunderstanding, you may need to check the insurance policy you have and see whether the house damage is actually covered or not. If it is covered, then simply make the claim by including the related videos and images. Make sure they know its a Winnipeg Roof Emergency.

Calling Winnipeg roofing companies about your emergency

If you do live around Winnipeg, the best decision you can take is to call the roofing contractor immediately. After doing your research on what company you should contact days or weeks before, you can now make a call to let them fix your roofing problems.


The professional and reputable roofing company would offer emergency roof repairs. With additional costs, you can have the problems properly fixed, which can prevent further damage from occurring. Read the project contract first before signing to check their terms, conditions, and fees.

Benefits of Calling Winnipeg Roof Company in Emergency Situations

Calling the Winnipeg roofing companies might be your best solution in doing emergency repairs as they can provide you with some benefits, such as:

1. Protected from the risks


When the roof is damaged due to some factors, it would be better to get it fixed right away. Remember, house roofing is the first line of defense against elements that may cause discomfort and pose terrible risks.


Leaving the problem untreated will only make it bigger and more serious. So rather than being at risk of having injuries or worsening the roof’s condition, it’s always better to take action immediately.


Also, a professional roof contractor will know how to deal with the problem that you’re having. When they arrive at the scene, they can immediately conduct the necessary inspection and repair accordingly.


Yes, it does take some costs to hire a roofing company in such a desperate time. But, with a particular amount, you can get the problem fixed right away. Your family can now live more comfortably, knowing that the issue is taken care of.


2. Warranty


When working with a roofing company, make sure that you understand the warranties. Usually, the contractor would give a warranty for their service. So when the repair is finally done, the warranty will be automatically applied, as long as the requirements are filled.


So if you notice something is wrong with the roofing, you can claim the warranty so they can fix it for you for free! Having a warranty is surely better than paying all the additional costs on your own.

3. Makes the house feels comfortable


Oftentimes, emergency repairs require immediate action as the issues might get too big to handle later on. Most of the time, homeowners who are reluctant to do these repairs will meet even bigger issues in the future. The house would feel less comfortable to live in, as the roofing problems are still there.


So rather than forcing your family to live inside a house where the problem is still around, it would feel great if you could treat the problem right away by hiring a professional roofing company.



In times of a Winnipeg Roof Emergency, hiring a Winnipeg Company like Kenava Roofing is definitely recommended as it can save you from more serious headaches in the future, along with additional costs. So if you notice your roof is cracking, leaking, or suffering from other types of damage, grab your phone, and call a dependable roofing contractor in your area.


And if you’re looking for a professional Winnipeg roofing company that is able to give quality services you can rely on, Kenava Roofing is here. Our experienced and skillful team will help to deal with the roofing problems you have, no matter how small or big it is.


We’ll also offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge.

Install the latest roofing trends by contacting us at (431) 887-5574 or info@kenavaroofing.com, we’ll be available 24/7 to answer your needs.


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