Enhancing Your Home’s Roof with Expert Roof Services in Winnipeg

Wondering how to make your roofing better? There a plenty of ways to do it. The very first thing you need to know is that the roofing is your first line of defense against elements. Imagine a house without a roof, it would be such an absurd concept.

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The proper roofing with great integrity can make your family may live inside the house more comfortably, knowing that it may protect you from the harsh weather outside.

DIY Tips and Expert Roof Services in Winnipeg

Seeing how important it is, we need to take good care of it, either by doing it on our own or hiring the best Winnipeg roofing company. Both ways work, but we want to explain deeply about the first one, as may provide you with a better understanding of your roofing along with all the possible risks in the future.


Do remember that similar to all things, roofing also needs regular maintenance. We understand that the proper installation can make the roofing last for good long years. However, there are things that might disrupt it, including the predicted damages from natural disasters or any other possible factors.


Therefore, regular maintenance is definitely needed, especially if you start noticing problems like leaking, cracks, or other issues that are visually apparent. So what do you need to do to maintain your roofing better? See it in the explanation below!

Roofing Maintenance Tips


Most people would usually call the Winnipeg roofing company to deal with the roofing problems. It’s not easy to deal with the roofing on your own, but it’s definitely doable as long as you understand the dos and don’ts.


Before taking care of your roof, make sure that you are properly equipped with the necessary tools, including a ladder and a pair of gloves. If you can’t do it, the best approach in this case will be contacting the Winnipeg roofing company. You may find a lot of them in this particular area, so it would be best to find the most professional one.


Before the problems get worse, you can do several things to properly maintain the roofing, such as:

1. Do Regular Checking


Whether the problem has been found or not, regular checking is mandatory to know the condition of your roofing. You can do it on your own, or ask a Winnipeg roofing company to do it. As an initial approach, it would be best to do it yourself, if you’re confident, of course.


If you can easily find access to your roof, then use a ladder to reach it. Most of the time, the homeowners would use a solid ladder and reach the roof from the outside. The task will be easier if you have a friend or two to help you out.


Do you know what’s the easiest method that can also be a good alternative? Using a drone. Those who have a drone may easily check their roof just by flying it around. The process is quick, safe, and easy. And it’s actually the reason why many Winnipeg roofing companies also use the same thing for their inspections.


You may also check the roof issues from the inside. Check for the leaking stains in your house, especially the upper part. If you have access to the attic then it’s better as it directly touches the roof. See for any possible cracking or leaking signs there, and mark or remember it if you can. It may help the Winnipeg roofing company to deal with the problems later on.


We know that regular checking seems to be hard work in your tight schedule. Therefore, we advise you to do it at least once or twice a year. The best time would be once every 6 months. Doing so will keep you updated about the roofing’s conditions. So in case you find a problem, you can treat it right away before it gets worse.

Additional Tips for Roof Services in Winnipeg


Keeping the roof in its best condition is absolutely important, especially if you want to make your house a comfortable place to live in. Doing regular inspections of your roof is much better than treating the problems later on. You know what they say, “Better be prepared than sorry”.


Although the Winnipeg roofing company can help you out in regards to roof checking, you can always do it on your own. Just make sure to understand a few points beforehand:


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2. Spray The Dirt Off


Aside from contacting the Winnipeg roofing company to do the regular checking, the next step you can do to keep the roofing in the best condition is to regularly clean. Yes, although regular checking is important, cleaning it also has the same good value.


Why do you clean the roof in the first place? Doesn’t the debris just fall out when there’s rain? Most of the time, it’s true. Roofing has drainage channels that will make the water flow, including all the material that is sometimes stuck in those channels.


However, the roof is not something that is always clear from all these external materials. Remember that roofing is your first line of defense against elements, so it’s not surprising to see some materials that are stuck on it, including dirt, debris, leaves, and tree branches.


The way to clean the roofing is not to brush them off. Instead, what you can do here is to spray them out of the roof using a simple garden house. The stronger the water pressure, the better. If you don’t have the necessary tools, you may also contact the professional Winnipeg roofing company to clean the roof.


Again, it’s a task you can do on your own, but it will be much easier if you have someone to help you out.

How and When to Do It


Climb a ladder while grabbing a garden hose, and then just spray the roof with it. The water pressure is usually strong enough to clean all those materials away. To clean the roof properly, do the same thing on the four walls of your house, including the front. This will make you won’t miss any spot, resulting in more clean roofing.


Similar to roof checking, it would be best if you do it at least twice a year, or once per six months. Remember that you can also call a Winnipeg roofing company if the task becomes too daunting for you. The process will be much easier that way, with a little bit of price.


On another note, do the roof cleaning especially during Summer. Never do it in Winter because it’s very risky, especially with all those ice buildups. We will cover the tips you can do to clean these ice buildups in the later section.

3. Cleaning The Gutters


The next thing you want to do is to clean the gutters. As you probably know, this is the place where the water will flow in case there’s rain or storm. A Winnipeg roofing company would also focus on it as it’s one of the most vulnerable roofing parts.


Water is not the only thing that can be stuck in the gutter. In fact, during its dirtiest condition, you may easily find other things as well, including branches, tree leaves, or even dead animals.


When all these things are not properly cleaned from the gutter, clogging happens. Clogged gutters are what seem to be the source of leaking problems. So if you notice that your roof starts leaking, even when there are no holes or cracks, the gutter may be the problem.


If you want to keep the gutters clean, you may always ask the Winnipeg roofing company to do it for you. You can do it alone if you want, although you’ll need additional tools to do it properly. One thing that’s certain is that you need to have access to the roof.


Instead of using a long stick, the cleaning process will be much faster if you use gloves. Manually pick up the dirt and debris with your hands, and use the water pressure from the hose to clean the remaining parts off. The task will be easier and faster if you have someone with you, especially if you want to depend on the Winnipeg roofing company.


Cleaning the gutter is important to keep the water flowing better and reduce the risks of leaking. So rather than waiting for it to happen, it will be better if we can maintain the cleanliness of the gutters.

4. Cleaning Ice Buildups


No matter what season, cleaning your roof should be included in your agenda. In Summer and Fall, you may expect the roof to get dirtier as there will be more leaves and branches flying by. But when it comes to Winter, we will be dealing with a new problem.


During Winter, it’s natural to have a roof that’s completely covered with snow. And, of course, what people would usually do is to clean the ice buildups to further avoid the risks of roofing damage.


The too-heavy burden the roof may support due to the snow may cause cracks. Roof does have its maximum weight limit, and it’s different for each roofing material. Normally, a roof with shingles may hold up to 15 to 20 pounds per square foot.


On the other hand, the metal roofing may support up to 27 pounds per square foot. So on average, the roofing is normally able to support from 20 to 25 pounds per square foot.


Now how much does snow weigh on a roof? On average, it’s around 4 pounds per square foot, which is way below the maximum weight limit a roof can support. Although it’s safe to assume that residential roofing is durable enough against the snow, there are always some risks that you need to be careful about.


During a snowstorm, the weight might be too heavy for a roof to handle. When the snow is not cleaned, the roof may in risk of having cracks. Although it would seem unnoticeable at first, the cracks will get bigger and bigger as time goes on. And when you finally realize it, it will be too late.

Thus, regularly cleaning the ice buildups is definitely recommended. But how can you do it?

How to Clean the Ice Buildups Safely and Efficiently


We notice that some people have tried to use shovels or any other heavy tools to remove the ice buildups manually, and we think that’s not a good idea.


First, it’s dangerous for you. During the removal process, you may easily slip and fall out of the roof. And second, it’s also dangerous for the roof. Forcefully removing the ice buildups may have a risk of leaving a scratch or making the roof crack due to the amount of force.


So, instead of cleaning them manually like this, it’s better to use a stream of hot water instead. Connect the hot water through a garden hose and climb the roof using a ladder. Once you’re up there, start spraying the hot water all over the roof’s surface. Do this for at least a few minutes until you notice the ice is melting down.


Another thing you can do is to ask the Winnipeg roofing company to install a heat cable, whether temporarily or permanently. The cable will deliver a strong heat when you activate it, which will melt the ice buildups on the roof. Once the installation is complete, cleaning the ice buildups will be an automatic process.

5. Use Better Roofing Materials


If you notice that the roof is in poor condition, then it’s a good idea to consider a replacement. Ask the Winnipeg roofing company about what’s the most suitable roofing material for your needs and budget.


We highly recommend using a better material that’s more durable than what you used before. When picking the roofing, consider the other aspects as well, including visuals, maintenance, and lifespan. The longer the lifespan, the better.


To make sure your roof is in its best condition, regular checking and maintenance are definitely necessary. Doing these things may help in securing the roof from further risks while keeping your family safe and comfortable inside the house.


If you don’t have the time to do it on your own, you can always depend on a professional Winnipeg roofing company. Our experienced and skillful team at Kenava Roofing will help you maintain the roof condition to keep your family safe and sound.

We’ll also offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge.

Install the latest roofing trends by contacting us at (431) 887-5574 or info@kenavaroofing.com, we’ll be available 24/7 to answer your needs.


  1. What Are Some Essential DIY Roof Maintenance Tips and Roof Services in Winnipeg?
    • Answer: Essential DIY roof maintenance tips include regularly cleaning gutters, inspecting for damaged or missing shingles, checking for leaks in the attic, and ensuring proper ventilation. It’s important to undertake these tasks with safety in mind, using proper equipment and techniques.
  2. When Should I Consider Hiring a Professional Roofing Company in Winnipeg?
    • Answer: You should consider hiring a professional roofing company when you encounter complex issues like major leaks, widespread shingle damage, or structural concerns. Additionally, professional services are recommended for complete roof overhauls or when specialized expertise is required for materials like metal or tile roofs.
  3. How Can Regular Roof Maintenance Impact My Home’s Value?
    • Answer: Regular roof maintenance can significantly impact your home’s value by extending the life of your roof, enhancing curb appeal, and preventing costly damage. Well-maintained roofs are a key selling point in real estate, indicating to potential buyers that the property has been well cared for.

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