Roof Replacement Estimates in Winnipeg Manitoba


The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects the house from extreme weather conditions, whether storms or snow. Sometimes, the roof may need repair or replacement due to extreme weather conditions or long duration.


The roof replacement needs not only money to be invested but also your time. Many factors need to be considered for roof replacement in Winnipeg and Manitoba. For example, you need to determine whether your roof needs a partial or full replacement, the right materials, and the average roof replacement cost.


This blog post on roof replacement in Winnipeg will inform you about your process, including cost factors to consider and getting a roof replacement estimate.


roof replacement in winnipeg

Factors Affecting the Roof Replacement Cost in Winnipeg

Type of Replacement

Your roof replacement estimates in Winnipeg can differ depending on the replacement type. Whether you want to fully or partially replace your roof will impact your roof replacement cost.


If leaks have damaged your roof, then full roof replacement can be a wise decision. Otherwise, if the roof replacement is not immediate and you may not be in a financial position to do a full replacement, partial replacement may be your go-to option.


In case you have small leaks, repair is enough. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional roofing company in Winnipeg that inspects your roof well and determines if it needs full or partial replacement.

Roofing Materials

The type of roofing materials you use impacts your replacement cost hugely. Talk to a professional roofing company in Winnipeg about which material is best in Winnipeg based on important factors such as weather.


Some types of roofing materials preferred in Winnipeg are as below.


Roof Size

The bigger the size of your roof, the more roofing materials and hours of labor are needed. Roof size very much impacts the cost of roof replacement. Sometimes, you may need to go for a full roof replacement. Many times after inspection, it is found that only some leakages need to be addressed or re-shingling on top of old shingles needs to be done.


roof replacement in winnipeg

The Complexity of The Work

Some roofs are easy to replace, and others are difficult to replace. The roofing company will inspect and check your roof; for example, if your roof is steep, the job may be difficult, and you may be charged more. Moreover, if the roof has multiple layers and requires more labor, the job is more expensive.


Location is also an important factor affecting the roof replacement cost. In big cities with huge competition among roofers, you may get cheaper roof replacement quotes. The materials may also be more affordable. However, you may incur more costs if your area has fever roofers and materials charges.

Roof Removal Cost

You will, of course, need to remove the old roof for the roof replacement purpose. For that, you incur a removal cost.

How to get roof replacement estimates?

The steps below will aid you in getting the right estimates for roof replacement in Winnipeg.

Look for the Right Roofing Contractors in Winnipeg

First, look for the famous and professional roofing contractors in Winnipeg. Ask friends and family for recommendations if they worked with a particular roofing company. Also, check if they are Licensed and insured or not. You may also check online reviews of roofing companies.

Ask for Quotes

Before you ask all of the right roofing companies for replacement costs, it is important to have clear details about your project, such as your roof size, the type of materials you want to use etc. Please provide all this data to the roofing company and ask them for quotes. The quotes will include a clear breakdown of costs for services, materials or any potential cost.

Compare The Quotes

It is time to compare the quotes of different roofing contractors. When comparing, you need to pay attention to certain things in the quotes, including the cost, material types and warranties.

Choose A Roofing Contractor

After checking the quotes, you will know which roofing company to choose. Then you discuss with them the project details, such as their recommendations on the best materials based on your budget and many more. Thus, when you choose the roofing company, ensure the contract includes all aspects of the project, such as cost, materials, payment schedules etc.

Final Thoughts

Roof replacement and repair is an important decision. You want your money to be worthwhile. Choosing the right roofing contractor in Winnipeg, Manitoba, makes it important.


In Winnipeg and Manitoba, the weather is harsh, with very cold winters and hot summers. That’s why a durable roof is pivotal. Finding the right roofing company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is crucial if you want to replace your roof.


In this blog post, we have talked about roof replacement in Winnipeg. It covers the factors that can affect the overall cost of your replacement and how you can get a roof replacement quote or estimate.


Contact us today to get your roofing replacement project in the right hands. Kenava Roofing is a reliable roofing company in Winnipeg that does roof installation, repair and replacement up to your expectations.


Here’s a simplified list explaining why roofing replacement is important:

  1. Protection from Elements: A new roof ensures your home is protected from rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Modern roofing materials can improve insulation, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thus reducing energy bills.
  3. Prevent Water Damage: A damaged roof can lead to leaks, causing water damage to the interior of your home including walls, ceilings, and floors.
  4. Increase Home Value: A new roof can increase the value of your home, which is beneficial if you plan to sell in the future.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: A new roof can significantly improve the appearance of your home, enhancing its curb appeal.
  6. Safety: Old, damaged roofs can be hazardous. Roofing replacement eliminates the risk of collapses or falling debris.
  7. Warranty and Peace of Mind: New roofs often come with warranties, providing homeowners peace of mind for years to come.
  8. Compliance with Building Codes: Over time, building codes evolve. A new roof ensures your home complies with current standards.
  9. Mold and Health Issues: A new roof prevents mold growth caused by water leaks, protecting the health of your home’s occupants.
  10. Cost-Effective in Long Term: While expensive, a new roof can be more cost-effective over time, saving you from constant repairs and maintenance costs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Replacement

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