Roof Repair Winnipeg Manitoba: Essential Seasonal Maintenance Tips


When it comes to roofing problems, no one can predict when they will happen. Sometimes, the problems happen during the most unexpected times, which often cause stress and discomfort. It may take time to finally fix them, but as long as you’re getting the best service to do roof repair Winnipeg from a professional roofing company, you’ll be fine.

Roof Repair Winnipeg Manitoba


Mastering Seasonal Upkeep: Your Guide to Roof Repair Winnipeg Manitoba

In maintaining your roof’s durability, maintenance is definitely required to keep it in its best condition. No matter what the season, doing regular inspections is mandatory to check your roof’s condition and make a quick repair as soon as the problems are noticed.


Maintaining your roof is highly useful not only for keeping its condition but also for preventing you from spending a lot of repair money in the future. Rather than waiting for the problems to worsen, it would be better if you treat them immediately once they are first discovered.


Neglecting to fix the roofing problems is not recommendable as the damage your roof has can get worse over time. The small cracks can lead to smaller holes, and those small holes can eventually result in bigger holes. The damage will eventually get worse and worse until it reaches the point where you can’t simply neglect them.


Therefore, it would be better to be prepared than sorry. So in this article, we want to tell you about the seasonal roof repair Winnipeg tips that you can do. We’ll explain what you need to do to regularly maintain the roof and tell you when is the best time to call a professional service to deal with the roofing problems.

Important Parts to Check


The first thing you’d want to do before calling a professional roofing company to do roof repair in Winnipeg is doing an inspection. Checking the roof’s condition may help you to understand it better by noticing any irregularities or signs of damage that could lead to more serious fixes.


Doing the inspection yourself is doable, as long as you understand what you need to prepare. Having an understanding of the roofing structure may help a lot in finding access to it and knowing what you can and can’t do when you’re up there.


There are some things that you can check here, such as:

1. Roofing Surface


The very first thing you need to check is the roof surface. After a rainstorm or a hurricane, there’s a good chance that you may spot some wet areas on the roof surface with pooling water. This condition is a result of soffit problems, making the water flow down into the walls instead of downspouts.


If not treated, the unsealed part could lead to something more serious as more water will start to infiltrate your roofing. You will be more likely to find areas with moss, and the roof will degrade much quicker.


Therefore, during the inspection, make sure to check for the surface of your roofing that has signs of pooling moisture and wetness. Check the sealings as well, and make sure that they are nice and tight to prevent the water from entering the small gaps.


Another thing you want to check is the ice dams and buildups, which often happen in Winter. As the snow keeps piling, you may expect the ice dams to eventually form because the melting snow couldn’t find its way down through the downspouts. The result of this is refreezing snow that slowly makes the ice dams.


And because of the blocked access due to the ice buildups, the water flowing down from the rain will be stuck in the shingles as well, causing the roof to eventually leak. It might seem to be unnoticeable at first, but when it gets worse, there’s nothing you can do except call a professional help.


The job to clean the ice dams and roof repair Winnipeg will be handled by none other than the roof contractor. So if you do notice some ice buildups or ice dams that are hard to clear, it would be better to call them instead of doing it on your own.

2. Flashing


Another thing you can check before doing the roof repair Winnipeg is the flashing. This part is responsible for blocking the water from entering the small gaps where your vent pipes or chimneys emerge.


You don’t have to replace the flashing yourself, as it’s pretty difficult. So all you have to do here is to check its condition. If you notice that the flashing is rusting, missing some parts, or has worse condition sealing, take note of it and contact the roofing contractor immediately.

3. Ventilation


The roof ventilation will make sure the air that’s rich in moisture flows smoothly through the exhaust vents. These vents are usually set along the roof ridge and function to deliver the dry air to come in, replacing the air that comes out.


The air exchange may help in preventing mold build-up in the house, especially in the rooms where you can expect them the most, like the attic or near the bathroom. However, checking the roof ventilation might seem to be complicated as you need to manually check it by looking at the roof from inside and outside.


You can start by checking the attic and ensuring that the air ventilation is not blocked by any item, including dirt, trash, or insect hives. It would be better for you to check the area near the exhaust vent and do some cleaning while you’re at it.


Some areas like bathrooms or drying areas may have vents to deliver the moisture-rich air outside and replace it with a warm and dry one. Now, many houses wrongly place the fans by directly venting into the attics, which will make it easier to get mold due to the wet air.


Modern houses will vent the air outside, so you better check it as well if you bought or rented an older house.


By providing a better airflow, you’re not only saving the attic area from mold but also preventing the roof from collecting. the ice dams in cold weather. You’re basically hitting two birds with one stone. Again, if the task seems to be hard to do, you may always contact the nearest roofing company to do the job for you.

4. Gutter


One of the most important parts of roofing is the gutter, the part that will deliver the water from the roof surface to the bottom. As the house will face multiple seasons in a year, you can expect the gutter to eventually get dirty as a result of piling debris, leaves, or probably animal carcasses.


The thing is, the gutter is also a roofing part that’s prone to damage. Depending on the material, the gutter may suffer from scratches or holes from harsh weather conditions or animal activities. Many homeowners call the professional roofing company to specifically do roof repair Winnipeg for their gutter.


And you can do the same thing as well. If you notice the water starts leaking from the gutter channel,  then it would be best to call them to do some repair or even replacement, if needed. However, to make sure the gutter is clean from all those problematic things we’ve mentioned, you can always check it yourself.


Have access to your roof by using a ladder and check the top of the gutter to know whether there’s something blocking it or not. If the water can’t flow smoothly, then it’s time to call the roofing contractor.

Roof Repair Winnipeg Manitoba

Maintenance Check List for Every Season for Roof Repair Winnipeg Manitoba


You can’t do the same roof repair Winnipeg each time you’ve found a problem. As there are four seasons we can expect going through the year, learning about how to maintain your roofing for each season is definitely important.


In one season, you may find more roofing problems compared to the other seasons. That’s why, knowing what to check or maintain during the specific season may help in understanding the best approach you can do instead you notice a problem.


Now, in this section, we want to share the maintenance checklist for all the seasons. Let us begin with Spring.

Spring Maintenance Checklist


Although Spring is a good time for most people as they can finally be free from the cold Winter, your roofing might not feel the same thing. In fact, Spring is the moment when you have to deal with more roofing problems as you’ll need to face two things: melting ice and rain, a great combination that may deteriorate the roof’s condition over time.


Aside from doing roof repair Winnipeg, there are some things you can do as well, such as:

1. Cleaning The Gutter


Before you think much about roof repair Winnipeg, it would be better to put your focus on the gutter. As we’ve mentioned above, it’s an important part of your roofing that’s responsible for letting the water out of the roof surface. From above, the water will flow through the channel and touch the ground.


As the ice finally melts, and rain starts pouring, you may notice the gutter eventually gets blocked. If you notice the problem, call the professional roofing company to get it cleaned once again.


If you notice there are some dry leaves, tree branches, or any items on your roof, clean them right away by picking them manually or using a long brush.

2. Check The Shingles


Winter is a terrible season for roof shingles as they need to carry the weight of snow buildups for a long time. Ideally, when Spring comes, you’ll need to check their conditions. If you notice some cracks or holes on the shingles’ surface, contact the roofing contractor to replace them immediately.


Rather than waiting for the roof to finally leak, it’s better to fix the problems as soon as you find them.

3. Clean The Mold


Aside from the weight, shingles are also exposed to mold problems. As rain could become more frequent during Spring, you may expect the shingles to get more molds and algae. These may cause the roof to leak. And if not cleaned properly, they may slowly deteriorate their conditions so badly that you need to replace them.

Summer Maintenance Checklist


Summer is when the roof is exposed to the extreme sun heat. Many homeowners would normally find their shingles cracking due to the extensive heat they received. Additionally, there are some things you need to check other than shingles, such as:

1. Dents


Aside from the cracks, dents on the roof may lead to a more serious problem. Although it may seem negligible at first, these dents could eventually be an entry point for small creatures to enter your roofing. Be it insects, creators, or any other small-sized animals, they may always find an entry point either through a small hole or a dent in the roof.

2. Ventilation in The Attic


Summer is the perfect time to check the attic ventilation as the dry air can be felt better. Make sure that nothing is blocking the air from flowing out of the house. If there’s an item blocking the exhaust fan, move it away. You may also help the airflow better by cleaning the area near the vent.

Fall Maintenance Checklist


This is the season when people’s houses will be decorated with yellow and orange colors. As the leaves start falling down, you may need some extra work to clean your roofing. There are also other things you need to check as well, such as:


1. Trimming The Branches


If you notice the tree is growing bigger, as it normally does, you may need to start cutting some branches. Have a professional tree removal service trim the long branches as there’s a risk of them falling down on your roof, causing serious damage. So rather than waiting for it to finally happen, better be prepared by trimming the tree.

2. Check The Chimney


Aside from doing roof repair Winnipeg, the professional roofing contractor will also help in checking and cleaning the chimney. They will check the flashing around it, and make sure the seal is still tight to prevent the water from slipping in.

Winter Maintenance Checklist


Winter is such a spectacular and the most magical season. It’s also really cold especially in Winnipeg and all over Manitoba. Although the falling snow might look romantic, your roofing is the one that suffers from it. The piling and melting snow could always lead to roof problems if not properly taken care of. Therefore, you’ll still need to check some things, including:

1. Cleaning The Ice Buildups


To prevent the snow from piling even bigger, most homeowners would clean the ice buildups, and you should do it too. Use a hose connected to the nearest hot water source, and just spray it nicely all over the roof. Do it until all the snow is melting.


  1. Check for Ice Dams


When the melting snow refreezes, it will make an ice dam. This is what prevents the water from flowing down properly. As the roof is slippery, you may contact the roofing company to get the ice dams cleared.



Checking and maintaining your own roofing is doable, although it might be a bit challenging for first-timers. Therefore, when you’re in need of a roof inspection, repair, or replacement, we highly recommend contacting the professional roofing company near you.

If you’re looking for a professional company that can do the roof repair Winnipeg for you, Kenava Roofing is here to help you out. Our professional team will help you to deal with roofing problems, no matter what season it is.


We’ll also offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge.

For a roof repair or roof replacement, feel free to call us at (431) 887-5574 or We’ll be available 24/7 to answer your roofing needs.

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