What’s To Prepare Before Replacing Siding in Winnipeg in 2024

Choosing a material for our home siding is important as each of them has different characteristics. Some materials are more durable than others. Most people would likely use vinyl as it’s more affordable and flexible. However, this material may crack easily during Winter, making the repair and maintenance more complicated.

Therefore, you may consider using other types of materials including aluminum, which is more durable and also flexible. But, there’s something you should know.

Replacing Siding in winnipeg

No matter how strong the material is, the exterior siding should need to be replaced, especially when its condition is poor.

Let’s be honest here, how many people check their siding regularly? The replacement is often done when the damage is beyond repair. Of course, postponing the replacement may increase the risk of getting more terrible issues.

So when it comes to replacement, we highly recommend doing it immediately as soon as you’ve found the clear signs. No need to worry about the complexity because the contractor will do the job for you. If you’re planning to replace the siding in Winnipeg, there are some things you need to prepare beforehand.


1. Check Your Outdoor Furniture

In order to prevent the furniture from getting additional damage when replacing siding in Winnipeg. The whole process tends to be dusty, and of course, you can make it easier for the team to access the exterior by putting all the furniture, pots, or other stuff away.

If you find that several items are immovable, cover them with a plastic sheet to prevent the debris from falling down on them.


2. Make Sure The Pathway Is Clear

Before the contractor team replaces siding in Winnipeg, help them get easier access to the home exterior by clearing the pathway. Similar to the step above, move any item around the pathway and near the siding. When the team gets easier access, the whole process might be quicker as well.


3. Cleaning The Yard

The team will need a bit of space to put the boards, both new and old. So, you can help them speed up the siding in Winnipeg replacement process by clearing the yard. Again, move the items in the area away, including the pots and other exterior home decorations.

If the siding is covered by trees and other vegetation, you may trim it a bit just to make sure that it can be accessed easily. If you have some flowers planted outside, you may help them survive by using a clear plastic sheet as a cover.

You don’t have to cover them for some days, only do it during the replacement day. Doing so will prevent the plants from being affected by airborne particles.

Replacing Siding in winnipeg

4. Park Your Car Inside

As the contractor team will need access to your pathway, it would be better to park your car inside or move it away. This will make a space for them to park their vehicles along with the materials.

The team members will likely go back and forth to get the necessary tools during the replacement process. And when the area is cleared, they may also easily put the old siding away right to the dumpster.


5. Prepare Your Interior

Although the team will mainly work on exterior walls, it’s still better to prepare the interior, especially for the walls that are adjacent to the replacement site. The necessary actions taken during the siding in Winnipeg replacement may also have a risk of breaking your furniture.


6. Keep Contact With The Contractor

When the day of replacing your siding in Winnipeg is getting closer, make sure to keep communication with the contractor. You may ask when is the starting date, so you can prepare all the necessary things beforehand.

Even during the replacement, you may ask the team about things you may find confusing. Of course, you have to find a good time to talk with them, as their high focus on doing the job can speed up the process.


Siding Replacement Made Simple

Unless you have remarkable construction skills, replacing siding is not the kind of job that one person can handle. So if you notice that the siding’s condition is worrying, you can always contact our best team at Kenava Roofing.

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and emergency needs. Using years of experience in the industry, our team consists of professional and dependable individuals who will help you replace your siding through quality work that will provide you peace of mind.

Have long-lasting house siding that may last for years using the best materials at a competitive price. When you’re in need of roof and siding repairs or replacement, KenavaRoofing is the one to call.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact us at (431) 887-5574 or info@kenavaroofing.com.


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