Commercial roofing should have good integrity as your safety matters a lot. As time goes on, eventually you’ll need to replace it. But, have you ever wondered when the best time to replace commercial roofing is? What needs to be prepared?

If you want to know the answers, then it’s the best time we learn about the things you need to know before replacing commercial roofing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for the replacement it would be best to understand a few key factors to avoid all the possible risks.


Replacing Commercial Roofing

Know more about things to know before replacing commercial roofing in Winnipeg below:


1. Find The Best Service

As a consumer, of course, we would demand great service, especially for something as important as commercial roofing replacement. Since it doesn’t cost lightly, it’s important to choose the best company that may offer great service.

Imagine spending lots of money only to find out that your newly installed roof is leaking. The first reaction anyone would do is to call the contractor. Any responsible contractors would respond to your complaints, and do necessary fixes as long as the warranty is still on.

But, what if the contractor you chose doesn’t offer a warranty? Problems like this could easily fall to more costs and you end up spending extra money just to fix the issue.

Therefore, finding the best-trusted service for commercial roofing replacement is highly important. As one of the best examples, you can depend on Kenava Roofing. Our skillful team can effectively handle commercial roofing in Winnipeg whether the problem is big or small.

With an extra 5-year workmanship warranty, you may rest assured, knowing that your safety is our top priority.


2. Prepare Replacement Savings

What’s better about commercial roofs is the fact that they can last for such a long time (with proper installation). Most roof materials may last for more than 10 years, with metal up to 100 years, depending on how often the maintenance, weather conditions, and many other factors.

However, there’s one thing you need to know. No matter how strong the material is, your commercial roofing will need to be replaced eventually. While the expected contractor did their best in installing the roof, several unpredictable conditions can lead to repairs and eventually replacement.

And as you probably know, the cost of replacement might get a little bit expensive. So, to avoid all that stress and panic, it would be best if you prepare savings beforehand. Consider this as a monthly expense, seeing how important the roofing is to your business. If there’s no need for repair for the month, you can always save it for something worse in the future.

Another step you can do is to regularly inspect your roofing’s condition. The inspection is important to find any signs of wear that could lead to a catastrophe with your roofing. So rather than waiting for the bomb to blow out, it’s always better to be prepared.

Most contractors have this service available, so feel free to contact them whenever necessary. Contact us to get detailed inspections to keep your roofing in the best condition.


3. Do Regular Check-Ups

In order to prevent any possible damages to your commercial roofing in Winnipeg, it would be best for you to hire a service to do regular roof check-ups. By doing this action, you may effectively reduce the risk of bigger repairs as any tiny problems could be fixed immediately after they are found by the team.

Preventing these damages is ideally better as they can always lead to more expensive repairs. And, of course, it will be costly. So rather than paying more for a big repair or replacement later on, it’s always better to check the roofing condition by doing regular check-ups.

It’s recommended for any business owners to schedule regular checking each Spring and Fall to anticipate the more extreme weather conditions in the next seasons. So when the Summer or Winter comes, you don’t have anything to worry about anymore.

Replacing Commercial Roofing


4. Know Different Types of Commercial Roofing Materials

It’s not new knowledge that roofing may consist of different types of materials. Before replacing commercial roofing in Winnipeg, you may check into different materials, including:

  • Cedar Shakes
  • Asphalt Singles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Concrete

You may find a lot more when you search for the list yourself. It might get overwhelming sometimes, as there are so many material options you may use for commercial roofing in Winnipeg.

But no need to worry, our team at Kenava Roofing will be more than happy to recommend a few choices you can consider according to your needs.


5. Knowing The Replacement Signs

Most of the time, business owners do commercial roofing replacements in Winnipeg when it’s already too late. Do know that doing the same thing may cause more damage to you. Imagine the roof suddenly breaking when there are customers inside. It’s a scenario that’s too bad to imagine.

Therefore, it’s important to know when the time for a replacement is. There are some notable signs you may find, including:

  • Leaking water
  • Puddling
  • Bubbling
  • Shingle edges curled
  • The roof looks too old and dirty

When you notice any of these signs, then it’s pretty clear that replacement is necessary. It’s highly recommended to do it immediately to avoid further terrible damages that may affect both your business and customers.


Replace Your Commercial Roofing in Winnipeg Today

After knowing the important things you should know before replacing commercial roofing in Winnipeg, you may reach out to us at Kenava Roofing to get your roof checked. We’ll be more than happy to offer our years of service to give the best for each customer.

For more information or inquiries, contact us at (431) 887-5574 or Make your commercial roofing better today with Kenava Roofing.


Q1: Why should I consider replacing my commercial roofing?

Ans: Replacing the commercial roofing ensures enhanced durability and long-term protection.

Q2: How can I budget for commercial roofing replacement in Winnipeg?

Ans: You can contact us for the details about the budget for commercial roofing replacement in Winnipeg.

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