Quick Small Fixes for Your Winnipeg Manitoba Roof: Easy Solutions


Let’s be real here, roofing problems can get pretty frustrating sometimes. At the most unexpected times, you’ll notice the roof starts leaking although you didn’t see or feel something was wrong before.


And in this situation, what would you like to do first? Fixing the problems head-on on your own, or calling a professional roofing company to deal with the problem? Most people would go to the second one as soon as they notice the problems, which is great.


Roof repair in Winnipeg isn’t as easy as you might have expected. You’ll need the knowledge, skills, and equipment to get the issues fixed properly. The problem is that some people would like to fix the problems with their own solutions, which could be either working or not.

Winnipeg Manitoba Roof

A non-functional repair won’t do it as the problem won’t get fixed properly. Due to the improper technique, it might get worse over time, and you’ll need to eventually fix them again and again.


So, no matter how big or small the problem is, you’ll need to get the initial understanding to do roof repair Winnipeg properly. And in this article, we’ll share a few tips on how to do small fixes to do the proper roof repair. We’ll tell you not only about the issues themselves but also the necessary knowledge and equipment.

Knowing About The Roof Problems For Your Winnipeg Manitoba Roof


When it comes to roof problems, people would expect to deal with the most common one, leaking. In fact, many roofing problems would eventually result in a leaking problem. Let’s be real here, leaking is annoying, no matter how big or small it is.


When faced with small leaking problems, the house owners may do some little fixes by temporarily putting tape or simply having a bowl covered with a towel to deal with the drops. However, all of these are temporary, and professional repair is required to make the issue go for good.


Now, what kind of roofing problem you have faced before? Depending on the weather, roofing materials, and many other aspects, we can have various roofing problems that are caused by many factors, including natural conditions, harsh weather, animal attacks, and other external damage.


Some would suffer from a small leaking issue, while the other less fortunate would have more terrible roofing problems like the roof completely falling down due to the snow buildups or a falling tree.


Depending on how serious the damage is, you, as a homeowner, could do several small fixes to temporarily deal with the issues. Remember, these are only a workaround that’s meant to be temporary, not permanent. After the condition becomes better, you still need to contact a professional roofing company to deal with the roof problem for good.

Understanding The Causes


For those who want to do their own roof repair Winnipeg, we want to share a few small fixes you can do to fix leaking, the common roofing problem. Leaking can be serious if it’s not treated properly. A small leak can eventually lead to a much bigger problem as the holes in your roofing can potentially get bigger as well.


As the hole is not covered by anything, the water from rain will fall down to your attic or directly to the room below it. You might not notice it at first when the hole is still small. But when it gets bigger, that’s when you realize that it’s too late to prevent it.


Now, to temporarily fix a leaking problem, you can do several things. But first, it would be best for you to first understand what are the factors that are causing the leaking problems. There are several of them, such as:

1. Damaged Shingles on your Winnipeg Manitoba Roof


The very first reason why you need to do the roof repair in Winnipeg in the first place is because your roof shingles are damaged. We understand that most homeowners would pick strong materials for their shingles. Therefore, you may see a lot of houses have asphalt shingles for their roofing, which is nice as they are durable and solid against elements.


However, do note that shingles won’t last forever. Yes, they are durable, but they also have their own limits. Even when you could expect years of protection, some external factors like extreme weather, animal attacks, or other natural conditions could potentially affect their durability as well.


Eventually, the shingles can get scratches, cracks, and holes. You might not feel it at first, but after the long years since the installation, the condition of roof shingles may worsen over time. And this is expected.


When they are not in their best condition, it’s normal to find some roofing problems, with leaking as the common one. So before the problem actually happens, you can take some preventive measures by regularly checking the roof’s condition, and contacting the roofing company to do the roof repair Winnipeg to deal with the issues as soon as they spotted them.

2. Improper Roofing Installation


Another thing that may cause the roof to leak is the improper installation. Although all roofing companies would claim that they are the best in the market, do note that not every company is professional. The bad thing is that you will finally realize it once you start working with them.


An unprofessional company will do the job poorly and use worse quality materials to cut budget and scam the clients. The improper roofing installation, which is the product of their unreliable service, can always lead to roofing problems. Notably, you’d feel the roof starts leaking everywhere, even not long after the installation is done.

3. The Gutters Are Clogged


Before starting any roof repair in Winnipeg, it would be better for you to identify the cause of roofing problems, starting from the gutters. These are the places where the water will flow through. So rather than stopping on your roof surface, the extensive amount of water will instead flow through the gutters.


If you notice signs of leaking, the reason could probably be the gutters. The blocked gutters will prevent the water from flowing down. As a result, there will be more water pooling on the roof surface, which will slip through the shingles and fall down to the attic.

Winnipeg Manitoba Roof

Temporary Solutions to Patch Roof Leaks for your Winnipeg Manitoba Roof


When you notice the roof is leaking, there are some temporary solutions you can do to prevent further damage, such as:

1. Check The Source


Leaking may happen because of the holes in the roof or any other reasons, including broken pipes, loose water connectors, or clogged drains. Knowing the source of the leak right from the spot where the water is dropping might be difficult. Thus, you need to check the attic to see whether the leak happened because of a broken roofing or not.


See the water stains in this particular area to find the source of the leak. As we said before, the culprit might be other things besides a broken roof, so be sure to check them very carefully. However, if you do notice water stains on the ceiling, then it’s time to check the roof.


But, don’t go too quick. It would be better to be prepared first. Even when the small fixes are temporary, we’ll have to prepare a few things in order to make them last longer.


If you want to check the roofing, make sure to be properly equipped. You don’t need to have all the things a roofer should carry. But at least, be sure to wear a helmet and slip-resistant shoes as the surface of the roof may get slippery. When accessing the roof, use a strong ladder.


Also, have at least someone to help you out. Fixing a roof alone may be dangerous and risky, especially when you do it alone. At least, with a friend or family member, you can make the task easier to do as you have more manpower.


2. Cement or Sealant


It’s fortunate if you find that the holes of scratches are small. That way, we can do some roof repair Winnipeg by using roof cement or sealant. These two temporary fixes are quite effective in covering holes, although not permanently. Use some portion of them on the roof and apply them nicely.


Remember, before you start applying the cement, make sure to clean the surface first. Otherwise, the cement won’t have a steady grip over the roof surface as it’ll stick to the dirt and debris on it instead.


Make sure to cover all the problematic areas so that the leaking won’t happen anymore, at least for a while. You can use a putty knife to smoothen the cement. If you still have a bucket full of cement, be generous by applying more of it not only on the holes but also on the areas around them. This will make sure that no water can slip into the holes or scratches.

3. Plastic Sheet


When someone wants to do roof repair Winnipeg, they would often use plastic sheets. These transparent sheets can be a great idea to cover roof leaks. They do have a wider reach, so it’s suitable to use them to cover a larger area of roof leaks as well.


Wrap the plastic sheets on the roof leaks, then tighten them by using strong adhesive or nails on their corners. Make sure that no water can go inside. However, do note that these sheets may only work as a temporary fix as the material is not as durable for conventional roofing.

4. Roofing Tape


Another one on the list is roofing tape. For those who want to do some roof repair Winnipeg, they may also use roofing tape to cover all the leaking areas. As the name tells you, roofing tape is a specific kind of tape mainly used for roof construction. It may stick well with most roofing materials, making it a great choice as a supportive material in roof repair.


In order to temporarily fix roof leaks using roof tapes, you can press the tape on the area. Gently press it to let out the air bubbles. As the tape is sticky, you don’t have to put anything to make it tighter. Just gently press it until it nicely covers the damaged area.


No need to worry about rain as the tape is generally waterproof. So if the leak is not too big, you can always go to the roof and apply some roofing tapes. That way, you can be protected at least for the day.

When Is The Suitable Time to Call A Professional


There are many homeowners who’d like to do the roof repair in Winnipeg themselves, as it’s their house after all. However, when the roofing problems get too problematic, there’s nothing else you can do besides calling for professional help.


Around your area, you could possibly meet at least one roofing company or contractor. You may ask them to fix your roofing problems, for a price, of course.


Having a professional to handle the task will make sure that your roof will be in a great condition as before. Some roof replacement in Winnipeg could be required if the roof isn’t durable enough to withstand elements. What’s important is that with their help, you may identify the problem better and know what’s the most suitable approach.



Doing small fixes may work in solving some roofing problems. Although some of them are effective, do remember that these fixes will only work temporarily. You couldn’t expect them to last for long as the proper solution is always needed.


And when you notice the roofing problems, it’s time to call the best roofing company in town to do the roof repair in Winnipeg. If you’re looking for a professional company that can do the roof repair Winnipeg for you, Kenava Roofing is here to help you out. Our professional team will help you to deal with roofing problems, no matter what season it is.


We’ll also offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge.

For a roof repair or replacement, feel free to call us at (431) 887-5574 or info@kenavaroofing.com. We’ll be available 24/7 to answer your roofing needs.


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