Are you looking for gutter cleaning in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada? We are here to assist you. Every homeowner in Winnipeg needs a reliable gutter cleaning company like Kenava Roofing to handle the gutter cleaning service.


The Need for Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can lead to water damage & also the structural issues. That is why gutter cleaning is important for every home Roof.

gutter cleaning in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


Professional Gutter Cleaning in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

A gutter cleaning service is needed for a home twice a year. So, you should choose the best and affordable & also professional service in your area. Kenava Roofing is one of the best Roofing services in Canada. We are offering professional gutter cleaning services to keep your roof safe and sound. Our expertise and experience means you can rest until the task is done successfully and safely.


The Winnipeg Climate Advantage

Winnipeg’s unique climate needs a customized and pro-level gutting cleaning service.  So, the local services are prepared to handle all issues. But when it comes to handling significant snowfall or downpours, Kenava Roofing can handle this serious issue, because we have expert gutter cleaners who are skilled and professional and also available 24/7!


Do you have any idea about the importance of a proper gutter cleaning service?

Gutter clean and clear is one of the best things you can do to protect your home. Clogged gutters can’t divert the water from the foundation of your house, it can damage your wood roots, water the basement, and also may help grow mold!

When the gutter is clogged with leaves, twigs and other stuff then the water overflows & this overflow makes your roof damage and weakens the soil around the base of your home. It may also damage the siding and trim. If it all happened then the last thing you want is water pooling around the foundation of your home.

But if you get a professional gutter cleaner at least twice a year then the water will flow freely and protect your roof, siding, and foundation from damage.

Our professional and skilled gutter cleaners use high-power vacuums and modern tools to remove clogs from your gutters.


Special Tips from Kenava Roofing

Never put off gutter cleaning and risk expensive repairs down the road. Your home is the biggest investment and keep it safe with an annual gutter cleaning service. You will save cash for the long run and you will get the peace of mind that comes with a damage-free home. Contact us now and clean your gutter at an affordable price.


Signs you need Gutter Cleaning in Winnipeg

You should know the signs about clogged or blocked gutters –

  1. When you will notice that water is pooling around the foundation of your home, and then you should call us today, excess water may damage your roof. Our team will clear the gutters and downspouts and they will ensure the water flows away from your home.
  2. When you notice dark spots or stains on your home walls then it is a warning that you need a professional gutter clear that can lead the water to flow freely & protect your house from damage.
  3. If you notice that gutters are sagging or pulling away from the roofline, then you should call us because this is a sign that gutters are already blocked! So, our professionals will remove the block and repair the minor issues to get your system working again properly.
  4. If you notice that the plants or molds are growing around the gutters then you should know that molds and plants are growing for the water flow. So, you need a roofing service right now! So, call our experts to ensure that your gutters are flowing water properly. We will remove the block for your gutting and make sure the water flows!


So, do not wait until you have a serious issue. Call us for gutter cleaning in Winnipeg, Kenava Roofing will clear your gutters and your system will work like before! Protect your dream house from roofing issues and call today to get an affordable, professional gutter cleaning service.

Are you looking for gutter cleaning in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada?


Our Services in Detail

If you notice the issues at your home then now you need a proper professional expert roof cleaning service. So, here is it the Kenava Roofing Service. It is easy to gain peace of mind with our awesome and first class service.

So, when gutters get clogged and you need a service to ensure your home protection then just call us now. We are the best roofing cleaning service in your local area. You may search online about us; you find valuable reviews with 5 stars. So, calling us also means avoiding the danger of cleaning gutters by you.

By choosing our services, you can steer clear of the risks associated with cleaning gutters yourself. Every year, numerous homeowners face accidents while attempting gutter cleaning without the proper tools, often leading to injuries from slips or falls, especially during snowy or wet conditions. Our professional approach eliminates the need for you to balance precariously on ladders or risk falling from heights.

So, just call our professional and stay safe from the danger and also protect your home.


Make a note of this point

After unclogging your gutters we also check the downspouts to ensure that the water is removed from the foundation of your home. We want to make sure no water is pooling anywhere. If it is necessary, we will also install it to optimize the water flow and drainages

So, when you invest in professional gutter cleaning services like Kenava Roofing that means you are investing in the long-term protection of your home.


Well Maintained Gutters Benefits

Well-maintained gutters will help you prevent costly damage from water and snow. Your house is your lifetime investment. So always be alert about any kind of roofing issues. You can contact us for any kind of issues about roofing.


What to Expect During Gutter Cleaning

Our expert will clean your gutters quickly in an efficient process. So, you can rest with peace of mind and don’t worry about your roof issues, because an Expert from Kenava Roofing is dealing with the gutter problem!


The working steps

Kenava Roofing has a unique style of working. So let’s talk about this

  1. Before starting the gutter cleaning, our technician will check your gutters to determine if there are any minor issues or cracks, leaks, or major blockages
  2. If we find that gutters are structurally good then we will start the cleaning process.
  3. If any issues are found then we will discuss repair or replacement options with you.
  4. Now it is time to get down. We will remove all dirt and unclog your gutters. You will find that you have a new gutter! We will use new tools to reach gutters up and clean the point even the hardest to reach!
  5. When the debris is removed we thoroughly flush your gutters with water to remove any remaining particles.
  6. Our high-powered sprayers flush the gutters and leave them fresh and debris-free
  7. The final step is to clean out your downspouts to guarantee water can flow the particles from your gutters. We will clear out any clogs to allow for proper drainage. So we make sure they are clear and working properly before completing our task.


When we finish our job, your gutters will be clean and water will flow again freely. So, just call us now for the roof cleaning work!


Contact us for Gutter Cleaning in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

If you are facing the gutter issue then let us handle the risk task. Our experts are waiting for your call. Just pick up your phone & call our contact number to protect your home from serious gutters blocked!

You will get

  • Fast and Friendly Service 24/7
  • Protection from serious damage
  • Affordable and the best roofing service
  • Skilled and professional worker


Make a call now for a free quote!

Don’t wait for the emergency issue. Call us now and schedule skilled gutter cleaning in Winnipeg today Call at (431) 887-5574 or you can also book a schedule online at

Our staffs are available to provide you answer any questions about our gutting cleaning service in your local area.



A home is always a dream for the owner. But it should keep safe and sound from any kind of problem. Gutters clogged are a serious problem and it is a risk for your home. That is why a professional gutter cleaner can ensure that your gutters are fine and don’t need to worry about the roof anymore.

Our technicians are highly trained for the job. A Clean and well-set gutter is one of the best gifts for your dream house. So you can rest with peace of mind that your home’s roof is repaired by KENAVA ROOFING! So don’t wait for the emergency, Just make a call today or Book online at for better quality work for your roofing issues!

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