Here are the 4 Steps to Clean Your Flat Roof in Winnipeg

Have you ever considered using a flat roof before? It’s one of the most popular roofing styles, especially in Winnipeg. Of course, the very first time it was around, the flat roof wasn’t immediately liked as the design did look really different from what people have been using.

Most people used stee-sloped roofs back then, and in fact, many still do today. However, many chose to switch to flat roofs due to their advantages, including giving your home a cleaner and simpler look, reducing the necessary energy for both cooling and heating; and most importantly, this type of roof may save your budget on repairs and replacement due to their durability.

But of course, there are some things you need to do to make sure the flat roof is in perfect condition. You still need to regularly clean and inspect it to find any signs of issues. So in this article, we will share the 4 steps to clean your flat roof in Winnipeg. If this is your first time doing so, make sure to read each step very carefully.


1. Remove All The Debris

Similar to any type of roofing, a flat roof will eventually get dirty by the amount of debris it collects daily. Yes, the house will look nicer when you install the flat roof. However, you need to compromise the look by doing extra work of cleaning it.

It’s nice to have a home with a tree nearby, it’s calming after all. But for the people who have flat roofs installed, this could be their nightmare. The dry leaves, branches, and twigs may stuck on the roof. And if they’re not properly cleaned, the amount of debris will start compiling, and it will get worse, especially in the winter.

So, when the snow finally melts, it would be best to clean your flat roof thoroughly. It’s better to do it right away rather than wait for a catastrophe to happen.


Flat Roof

2. Make Sure The Outlets Are Clean

The next step to clean the flat roof in Winnipeg is to check the outlets. Usually, flat roofs have these slight slopes that are useful to drain water from the roof. Now, you have to check these slopes and make sure the drainage functions properly. This is really important to prevent leaking that is often caused by the pool of water that’s stuck beneath the roofing.

As the characteristics of flat roofs don’t make it easier for water to flow the same way they do in conventional roofing, it’s always critical to regularly check the drainage. Thus, you will have the task to check the outlets, no matter how the weather is.

And yes, as you can see, flat roofs require users to do regular cleaning. This is the factor that most people avoid. Consider it as a price to pay for a more pleasing house look. But as long as it can be done properly, you will have nothing to worry about, even during harsh weather conditions.

But if you don’t have the time or energy to do so, you can always hire the best contractor who will regularly maintain your flat roof in Winnipeg. We’ll tell you about it more at the end of the article.


3. Check for Any Possible Damages

Flat roofs are also prone to damage, especially if you have been using them for a long time. Similar to conventional roofing, you may still find some smaller damages, mostly cracks. If you notice that the membrane of the flat roof is ripped, torn, or broken in any way, it would be best to contact a reputable local contractor who’s experienced in dealing with flat roof in Winnipeg to fix it.

Regularly checking the roof may help you prevent a lot of other issues that may happen when the roof is too weak to withstand harsh weather conditions outside. So before it’s too late, it’s always better to be prepared by checking the flat roof regularly and immediately fixing any possible issues.

You may contact a contractor to do regular inspections. If they notice the flat roof is not in its best condition, they would recommend using a stronger roofing solution that’s more durable, like SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam.

Flat Roof


4. Check The Parapet Wall Seams

Most houses with flat roof in Winnipeg would often use parapet walls as well. The contractor usually installs them on the edges of the roof, which offers a better house look and extra safety too. However, although the walls are beneficial, there are some things you need to know.

In order to connect the membranes on the roofing surface and parapets, a contractor will use the seams in order to make the water pass through when it’s raining. When the seams are not in their best condition, you may start experiencing some problems, including leaks and other extensive damage.

So to make sure that the seams are not leaking in any way. The seams should also be perfectly sealed in order to prevent any leaking problems.


Need Help in Cleaning Flat Roof in Winnipeg?

You can always regularly check and clean your flat roof in Winnipeg yourself. But if you want to make it a lot easier, you may always contact your local best contractor to deal with the tasking jobs.

Making sure that your flat roof is in good condition is necessary. Therefore, it would be best to let the best contractor handle it. With years of experience in the roofing industry, our team at Kenava Roofing is always ready to deal with all your roofing needs, including checking, inspecting, and repairing the flat roof in Winnipeg.

You can always depend on our repairing processes from start to finish, with the additional 5-year workmanship warranty. In an emergency, our responsive team will answer your needs 24/7. For more information, contact us at (431) 887-5574 or

Have a safe and happy home with Kenava Roofing.



Q1: Are flat roofs suitable for Winnipeg’s climate?

Ans: Yes, flat roofs can be suitable but you need a trusted roofing company like Kenava Roofing.

Q2: How often I should clean my flat roof?

Ans: We recommended regular cleaning. Especially before extreme weather seasons.

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