Maximizing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Proper Roofing

Thinking of a green home may lead you to explore several innovative options, like investing in solar panels, buying energy-saving appliances for your home, or even conserving rainwater. However, the most optimal way to save energy is to ensure your house’s roof is energy-efficient. The best roofers in Winnipeg can help you a great deal in finding the greatest options for energy-efficient roofs that not only save you money  but heaps of energy.

Energy efficiency is one of the most common concerns for both home and business owners. Sustainable use of energy not only cuts bills but also helps protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. Getting high-performance roofs is one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient. We will talk about the benefits of high-performance roofing and how it can help make your home more energy efficient in this piece.

A new roof will save you money on your monthly energy bills because it makes your home more energy efficient. Getting a new roof can usually reduce energy costs by up to 20%. Energy-efficient roofs help lower greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the power needed to cool your home. They do this in several ways, such as reflecting or capturing light.


How can a Roof be made Energy Efficient?

Now that you know all the positive sides of having an energy-efficient roof, you may be thinking about what makes a roof energy-efficient.

There are a lot of them. What kind of material, color, coating, and heating mass your roof has all made a big difference? Just as much can be changed by how your roof and attic are built, especially the insulation and airflow systems.


Energy Efficiency with Proper Roofing


1. The solar reflectance index (SRI)

The solar reflectance index (SRI) of your home will depend on the style and material of your roof. The amount of sunlight that your roof reflects instead of absorbing is what SRI stands for. It is said by most Winnipeg roofing companies that the more energy-efficient your home is, the higher the SRI of your roof.

The most important thing determining how hot your roof gets is how well it reflects sunlight. By 50 degrees Fahrenheit or more, the EPA said a cool roof can stay cooler than other roofs. What a big change!

2. Roofing insulation and Attic Ventilation

That old house might feel a lot draftier than the new one. Homes are less open to the outside world now that they are built better and have windows and doors that use less energy. That will help your home use less energy, but it may cause condensation in your attic, which can damage it with water. If you can’t let the water leave your home normally, it will move into your attic as the hot air rises.

That is why it is so important to have good insulation and air flow in your attic. If your roof lets enough air flow through and your insulation is tightly placed, your home will stay energy-efficient and won’t get water damage.


Energy Efficiency with Proper Roofing


Three simple ways to make your roof more energy-efficient

Getting a new roof to save energy probably won’t make sense if your old one isn’t that old. There are, thankfully, ways to make the roof you already have used less energy.

1. Putting in solar panels can help you save energy by keeping your roof cool.

Putting up solar panels is a great way to reduce energy use and save money on energy bills without repairing your roof.

It’s not a surprise that solar panels have become more common over the last few years. You will not only be making clean energy at home, but you could also save tens of thousands of dollars on your energy bills over the system’s life.

Still, solar panels last for a lot longer than 25 years. People don’t want to put solar panels on their old roofs only to have to take them off when they need a new roof in the future. That’s why we suggest metal or steel roofing over asphalt, which doesn’t last as long. Roofs made of metal, clay, or concrete all last longer than most solar cells.

2. Painting the roof can help you save money on energy costs

You can paint your roof with a reflective roof covering to use less energy. Pigments that reflect sunshine are used to make these special coatings. Most energy-efficient roof treatments can’t be used on asphalt, which is a shame. Many professional roofing companies in Manitoba, Canada, sell metal roofs with a cool roof finish. Mineral flakes that reflect light can now be added to even dark metal roofs. This can make your roof energy-efficient even though it’s not a light color.

3. Changing the Roof Material to make Your Roof More Sustainable

Changing the type of material on your roof is a great way to make it last longer. Different kinds of roof materials are better for saving energy in general. Many professional home roofing services in Manitoba, Canada can help you choose the best material for your roof so that it lasts and uses less energy.


Solar Panels – A Source of Energy Sustainability

In the search for clean energy, solar panels become strong partners in the fight against environmental damage. When these panels are placed on roofs correctly, they use the sun’s endless energy to make clean, long-lasting electricity. Two significant benefits are replacing less on nonrenewable energy and actively working toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Residential Roofing Service in Manitoba, Canada, sells solar panels that do more than just make energy. They also show that you care about the environment. The sun, which always gives us energy, joins us on our journey toward survival. As we consider adding solar panels to our roofs, we find that each building could become a small-scale power generator. This would reduce carbon emissions and help make the energy scene greener.


To sum up…

As a homeowner, learning about the different types of roofs and how to maintain them can save you a lot of money on your energy bills and help save the environment yielding lesser carbon footprints. The right roofing decision can save your home and serve as an investment in a sustainable future.

Take action now for a more energy-efficient tomorrow. Visit our website, drop us an email, or call us. Let the Best Roofers in Winnipeg be your partner in turning your home into an energy-efficient haven.


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