Adapting Commercial Roofing to Winnipeg and it’s Climate: A Strategic Guide


Commercial roofing in Winnipeg is one of the most important investments for any major business. Its significance is further emphasized in regions with challenging climates. Commercial roofing in Winnipeg takes on another level of importance with its icy cold winters and warm summers.


However, with the right Winnipeg roofing, you can benefit from a long-lasting, efficient, and functional structure that will serve you year-round. We are one of the top Winnipeg roofing companies in the region, providing quality construction services for a wide range of commercial clients.


In this article, we take you through different aspects of commercial roofing, ensuring you’re perfectly positioned to install the right type for your business.


Commercial Roofing in Winnipeg


The Importance of Quality Commercial Roofing in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is home to extreme weather conditions. While locals may have grown accustomed to the harsh climate, buildings do not. To ensure longevity and hassle-free maintenance, it’s imperative that you install the right type of roof, using the most suitable materials.


The first priority when putting on a new roof is to make sure it’s durable enough to stand up to the elements. If you ask any reputable roofing companies in Winnipeg, they’ll likely advise metal as the main material. The main reasons for this are that metal is durable, requires minimal maintenance, lasts decades, and is cost-effective.


It ticks all the boxes for a budget-conscious Winnipeg business. The second priority for a commercial roof is generally insulation. You’ll want a roofing material that prevents cool air from getting in during winter but limits how much heat escapes when it gets hotter. This is tricky in a city like Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.


Insulation doesn’t just contribute to a comfortable workplace, but it also creates a more efficient building. A durable and well-insulated roof has no gaps and resists cracks, ensuring it is optimized in terms of thermal performance. This will have a significant impact on the cost of running your commercial facility.


The third priority to look out for with a commercial roof is maintenance requirements. While all roofing needs maintenance, some materials are manufactured with durability in mind and last for decades with minimal repairs. Low-maintenance roofing can save you a lot of money in the long term.


However, if you do require maintenance, be sure to get in touch with quality roofing contractors in Winnipeg.


Suitable Roofing Options for Winnipeg

Choosing suitable commercial roofing in Winnipeg is a tougher decision than you might think. The two main factors to consider are the type of roof you go for and the primary roofing material.


Firstly, you have two commercial roofing types to choose from, which are low slope and steep slope. While there are a few other styles available, the vast majority of commercial roofs are one of these two. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.


commercial roofs


Low Slope Roofing

Low slope roofing is often referred to as flat roofing because it appears flat from certain angles. However, low slope roofs actually feature 14-degree slopes (or less) to ensure some natural runoff. That said, low slope roofing typically requires waterproofing as there’s a risk of build-up and subsequent leaks.


The main advantage of installing low slope roofing is the cost. This type of roof is one of the most budget-friendly and requires significantly less materials than taller roofing options. Low slope roofing is also easy to access and is usually cheaper to maintain, reducing your costs even further in the long run.


With such a small angle on the roof, low slopes leave minimal space below, resulting in less air. This is beneficial in Winnipeg as it makes temperature regulation easier and is easier on your heating and cooling system.


Steep Slope Roofing

Steep slope roofing has a slope gradient of more than 14 degrees, providing a steeper angle for water runoff. Steep slope roofing is typically more expensive than low slope, mainly due to the need for more materials and the increased complexity of the construction work.


That said, there are several key advantages to having a steeper slope, many of which are very relevant for commercial businesses in Winnipeg. Firstly, the greater angle offers better water shedding, reducing the risk of water pooling and leaks. This is important considering it rains for a third of the year in Winnipeg.


Steep slopes are also beneficial in snow. The angle allows snow to slide off the roof before it can build up and compact. Likewise, ice melts quickly on a slope, preventing unwanted moisture build-up.


In terms of energy efficiency, steep slope roofing performs well in hot and cold weather. However, it’s important to do regular inspections and complete necessary maintenance as it’s required. Cracks or leaks in a steep slope will affect energy efficiency and can lead to expensive repairs.


The final benefit worth considering with a steep slope roof is storage space. With a taller roof, you can avail of additional room to keep items in the attic. This can be very beneficial for businesses.


Roofing Materials

Once you’ve determined whether you want a low or steep slope roof, it’s time to choose a material. Commercial roofing is available in a range of materials, each of which offers unique advantages. Let’s take a look at the top materials worth considering.


Metal Tile Roofing

Metal tile roofing is one of the most popular modern options. Made to look like attractive ceramic tiles, they appear classy and sophisticated. However, they provide industrial-level durability and may not need replacing for up to 50 years. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and storms.


Metal tiling is also an energy-efficient roofing material. By upgrading your old roof, you could save a lot of money on your annual heating bill.


Metal Shingle Roofing

Shingles are among the most popular roofing styles for residential homes in Canada. However, they’re typically made from asphalt, cedar, or slate, which aren’t common for commercial properties. Metal shingles are created to look like traditional shingles but they last twice or three times as long.


If you’re after a refined aesthetic for your commercial property but want the durability of an industrial roof, metal shingles are an excellent option. They’re energy-efficient, pest-resistant, and stand up to all types of weather. They’re installed using an interlocking system, helping prevent leaks for 50 years or more.


Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing is the most popular type of commercial roofing in the country. The main reason for this is the cost-to-value ratio. Although corrugated metal doesn’t look flashy, it’s highly practical. It’s the cheapest material to install, yet it matches all other types in terms of durability.


Corrugated roofing can be installed quickly. We’ve put in entire commercial roofs within a few days. The ease of installation reduces your costs even further. Plus, once your corrugated metal is in place, it requires very little maintenance. If you do encounter a problem, it’s generally a cheap fix.


This type of roof is highly resistant to fire and rot, keeping your property, materials, and staff safe. It’s energy-efficient during summer and winter, making it a worthy long-term investment. As with the other metal options on our list, your corrugated roof could last 50 years or more before it needs replacing.


Tar and Gravel Roofing

If you don’t have the budget for a new metal roof, tar and gravel is a cost-effective alternative. It requires more maintenance than metal but if you take care of it, this type of roof can last up to 40 years. Tar and gravel is a durable roofing option that provides good energy efficiency.


To boot, it’s fire-resistant, which is an important consideration for any commercial roof. Installation is relatively straightforward, requiring a thin layer of tar which is then covered with gravel. The gravel is spread across the roof, dispersing the light and keeping the roof cool.


Insulation is generally installed from the roof deck and stacked upward. Although this type of roofing material is more common in residential properties, it’s a viable option for a commercial building.


Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam roofing is a popular residential roofing option, typically finished with clay. However, it’s becoming an increasingly popular commercial roof because of its clean aesthetic. Furthermore, it’s now available with galvanized steel or aluminum finishes, providing additional durability.


Metal standing seam roofing can be adapted to your needs and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. This helps ensure your Winnipeg property is insulated, energy-efficient, and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Just like the rest of our commercial roofing in Winnipeg options, standing seam roofing can last 50 years or more.


Keeping Your Commercial Roof in Good Condition

With the right type of roofing materials, your commercial property can remain protected for several decades. However, to ensure its longevity, regular inspections and maintenance are required.


As a rule of thumb, you should inspect your roof twice per year. We recommend having this done by an experienced professional. A standard commercial inspection involves checking drains for blockages and membranes for cracks or damage. You must also closely examine vents to make sure they’re fully sealed and functional.


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Having completed countless commercial roofing projects in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, we’ve developed a reputation as a leading contractor for local clients. If you’re looking for expertise, guidance, and quality installation, don’t hesitate to get in touch especially for Commercial Roofing in Winnipeg.





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