Simple DIY Roof Repairs: Save Time and Money Before Contacting Professionals and other Winnipeg Roofing Companies



Some people tend to fix problems themselves. As long as they have the proper tools and good knowledge about it, why not?

Step-by-Step Guide to Basic Roof Fixes in Winnipeg: Do It Yourself

The same thing also goes for roofing problems. To fix roof Winnipeg, the majority of people would like to call a roofing company in Winnipeg to get the job done, which are the roofing companies. With a small fee, the leaking roof or any other common problems can be treated as soon as possible.


However, is it possible to do a DIY roof repair? What are the things to prepare and the possible benefits from it? See them in the explanation below.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixing a Roof Yourself before calling the Winnipeg Roofing Companies


Let’s be real here, the first main reason why some people would like to fix roof Winnipeg themselves is the cost. By doing it alone, they can save money on repair. Doing the DIY repair can also be useful for someone who doesn’t want to spend much of their time finding a professional roofing company, which could be challenging at times as there are so many options they may find.


Now, it’s possible to deal with the roof problems alone, although maybe for the small ones. Small common problems, like leaking, can be fixed easily. Although the process might seem simple, you still need to prepare the correct tools and a bit of courage, especially if this is your first time doing so.


Do a bit of research to find what are the necessary tools to have, and follow the guides available online. Aside from the tools, you still need to spend more on the materials. Of course, the problem as small as leaking still requires additional materials for repair, like sealing, tape, and many others.


So by fixing the roof problems alone, you can save some money, at least for the labor cost. By having some initial understanding, the job that seems to be daunting will be possible.


Now let us talk about the disadvantages. Of course, the disadvantages here are considered to outweigh the advantages. First, it may take you longer to fix the problem as you’ll work on it yourself without somebody helping you.


Another disadvantage is the questionable craftsmanship quality. Those who are not too familiar with roofing work are at risk of not doing the proper methods to fix the roof problems. Instead of fixing them, the problems may get worsen as the repair effort fails. This is, of course, very frustrating as you need to do the repair again.


Seeing how the disadvantages are greater than the benefits, the best solution to fix roofing problems is to call a professional roofing company. The roof contractor will fix roof Winnipeg with the proper methods and materials, making sure that it won’t happen at least a few years from now.


Their service also has a warranty, which also can save you from spending more in case the problem appears again in the future. So both money and time-wise, hiring the roofing company to fix roof Winnipeg is definitely more recommended.


Winnipeg Roofing Companies

Doable DIY Tips before calling Winnipeg Roofing Companies


But, if you are really curious about fixing the roof problems yourself, feel free to do it. Just remember that safety matters, so equip yourself with proper protective equipment to prevent the risks of getting injuries or causing further damage to the roof.


If this is your first time fixing your roof, there are some DIY tips you can do:

1. Replacing the shingles


For those using asphalt shingles for their roofing, there are some DIY tips in case they want to replace them. The replacement process is not as complex as you may think. The process, however, still required you to prepare a few things beforehand, especially the tools and materials.


The very first thing you want to do is to check the access to the roof. Most people would access their roof from the side walls. But it’s also possible to access it from the front side of your house, in case the sides are inaccessible.


In order to fix roof Winnipeg, especially about replacing the roof shingles, there are four steps you can do:


  1. The first step is to remove the seal, which is usually attached to the shingles
  2. Start removing the nails using the backside of the hammer. Use the little gap and position it around the nail, then pull it.
  3. Position the shingles, make sure to do it properly
  4. Hammer the nails and put the seals again to make the shingles’ position tighter


See, the process is easy in theory. But in practice, it does require some additional effort as you need to prepare the ladder first and get access to the roof.


When you want to fix roof Winnipeg yourself, it would be better if you have someone to help you, at least to hold the ladder when you want to go up. Use non-slip shoes to make the grip stronger.

2. Roof Flashing Replacement


Aside from replacing the shingles, you can also replace the flashing through DIY methods. However, the process may get harder as you need to remove the shingles before replacing the flashing. Seeing how complicated to fix a roof in Winnipeg is with the weather conditions, sometimes its best to let the winnipeg roof companies take care of it.


Doing the replacement yourself can be pretty dangerous as you need to position yourself higher on the roof. There’s always a risk of falling, especially if you don’t apply suitable roofer wear.


But, if you want to know how it’s done, flashing replacement consists of the process of removing some shingles rows first to get access to the flashing. After the removal is done, the next step is to remove the old caulking and mortar which are usually on the edges of the roof flashing.


Again, although it seems to be doable DIY, it’s better to leave the task to a professional roofing company to fix roof Winnipeg. You’ll need to pay for some fees, and they will get the job done in a flash.

3. Fixing leaking roof


Do you know what’s the common problem to fix roof Winnipeg? Yes, it’s leaking. Roof leaking is a condition where the water from the roof falls down into your house because of the damage caused by either natural conditions or animals.


When the damage creates cracks and holes, instead of sliding down the roof, the water will fall into the shingles, the attic, and then the room in your house. Seeing how complicated it may be, most people depend on the roofing company to fix roof Winnipeg when they notice the leaking issue.


Although the problem is not a rare occurrence, fixing the leak on your own may take a lot of time as you need to prepare the materials to cover the holes and cracks your roof has. Only someone with a good knowledge of roof repair may know how to handle the problem well.


And if you’re not one of them, it’s better to let the professionals deal with the problem. A reputable roofing company would inspect the cause of the leaks and take the necessary action to fix them.

3. Mold Cleaning


A buildup of moss on your roof may be a sign that there’s moisture stuck somewhere, which could happen because of poor roof ventilation, leaks that are not treated properly, or simple condensation.


This is one of some issues homeowners can treat by themselves as what they need to do is basically scrap the mold carefully off the roof. Cleaning the mold would require you to use a bucket filled with a combo of water and bleach. Scrap the mold clean very carefully, and use a brush to clean the roof surface completely using the solution.


However, if you notice the mold is all over the roof, then it’s a good indication of a replacement. That’s when you call a roofing contractor to fix roof Winnipeg. As usual, they would inspect the roof’s condition first, provide an estimate, and run the roof replacement project.

4. Ice Buildups


When the Fall finally ends, be prepared to face a new problem in Winter, the ice buildups. Snowing can eventually lead to ice buildups, which will get heavier over time. Usually, the weight of these ice buildups is around 4 pounds per square meter, which does not seem to be a lot.


However, the weight may keep accumulating as the snow keeps dropping during the season. So, the homeowners would have no choice but to clean the ice buildups to prevent the potential roof damage.


Fortunately, it’s easy to clean them. All you need to do is a ladder to access the roof and hot water. Connect your garden house with the nearest hot water source, and simply spray it all over the roof until the ice buildups are eventually cleaned. It won’t be long until you notice the ice is melting. Do this for a few minutes until the ice is cleaned completely.


Using hot water is better than a long stick or a shovel as the scratch you leave on the roof may cause damage later on. As we don’t want to have additional problems in the future, it would be better if you use a potentially safer method, which is using hot water.

Temporary Fixes for Leaking Problems


As we’ve mentioned earlier, leaking is a common problem in every household. And fortunately, you may have some temporary fixes in the case of an emergency. So in case you couldn’t reach out to the nearest roofing company, there are some things you can still do, such as:

1. Using Polyethylene Plastic Sheets


If the leaking happens during the night, and the roofing company can only work the day after, what you can do to prevent further problems is to cover the hole using plastic sheets. This is the method to do when you are certain to get the professional repair soon after.


How you do it is to place the plastic sheets on the broken roof parts. Make sure they cover the holes or cracks nicely. As they need to be tightly placed, you can fasten them using none other than roofing nails. Use some duct tape around the sheets to prevent any water from entering the gaps.

2. Waterproof Tarps


Do you know what’s the other best temporary fixes for the roofing problems? Yep, it’s the waterproof tarps. These tarps are what the contractors would generally use when there’s a house renovation going on. As the roof will be removed and the inner rooms are exposed to the outside, the waterproof tarps are the tools to use to protect the parts of the house from winds, rain, or something more terrible.


If you experience some leaking problem, another good thing you can do is to use the waterproof tarps. When putting the tarps on the roof, make sure that they cover the problematic area and place them flat so that no water can slide in. To make sure it won’t blow away, you can nail the edges of the tarps or use very strong duct tape.

3. Tar Paper


Using tar paper is another good method to fix roof Winnipeg as the material is sturdy and waterproof. Before the professional help comes, you can make a temporary fix by applying only a good amount of tar paper on the roof area where you found the leak problem. Make sure it covers the cracks nicely.


However, do remember that it’s only a temporary fix, so you’ll probably need the roofing company to completely eliminate the problem. There a bunch of Winnipeg Roofing Companies you can call including us.

DIY Methods Don’t Work? Call a Winnipeg Roofing Company!


Despite all the temporary fixes and DIY methods, the truly best solution you need to have when suffering from roof problems is to call the Winnipeg Roofing Companies for some quotes. With their professional team and proper equipment, the problems can be fixed more effectively.


If you’re looking for a professional Winnipeg roofing company that’s able to give the best repair service even in an emergency, Kenava Roofing is here to help you out. Our experienced and skillful team will help to inspect the roofing problems you have, no matter how small or big it is.


We’ll also offer the best roofing options you may consider and adjust with your budget. And before doing anything else, we also offer estimates free of charge. Don’t forget we were also named the Best Roofing Company in Winnipeg for two straight years.

Install the latest roofing trends by contacting us at (431) 887-5574 or, we’ll be available 24/7 to answer your needs.


FAQs: DIY Roof Fixes Before Calling Winnipeg Roofing Companies

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2. How can I identify if my roof needs professional repairs or a DIY fix?

Learn how to assess your roof’s condition to determine whether you need a DIY fix or the expertise of Winnipeg’s professional roofing companies.

3. What should I consider before attempting DIY roof repairs in Winnipeg?

Find out key considerations and safety measures to keep in mind before embarking on DIY roof repairs, ensuring a safe and effective process.

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